Diffustik – Lung Diffusion Measurements

Combining Spirometry with precise single breath diffusion capacity. As part of the Lovemedical pulmonary function range the Diffustik provides accurate CO-Diffusion via fast gas analysis. By utilising the latest generation of fast gas analysers the cost per test is kept to an absolute minimum in terms of gas usage. Blue Cherry® displays all of the gas traces throughout the measurement for easy identification of leaks whilst also allowing the user to adjust the discard and sample volumes post test.

The graphical display ensures that the patient’s dead space has been cleared and only alveolar gas has been sampled for accurate, reproducible results.

The Diffustik can easily be added to the Bodystik full body plethysmograph to give a complete respiratory diagnostic suite, all running under the powerful Blue Cherry® software allows complete integration across the laboratory.


  • USB connectivity for simple and straightforward maintenance and support
  • Blue Cherry® software platform
  • Fast gas analysers
  • Adjustable discard and sample volumes
  • Integrated airway pressure monitoring during breath-hold
  • Test more patients with lower lung volumes
  • Compliant with the latest ATS/ERS guidelines including indicators
  • Online trending of all measurements
  • Complete networking solutions