Prehabilitation of surgical patientsERS Lab

The new ERS 2 system is used widely across the world in the field of rehabilitation, but the power of this system has a great deal to offer to the growing field of prehabilitation. One of the major goals of cardiac rehabilitation is to systematically improve the performance of the cardiovascular system, in essence, the same goal as prehabilitation.

Multiple subjects under a single central control.

The powerful and versatile ERS-2 software allows for diverse group training in physical therapy with up to 16 patients.

Physicians, physiologists or physiotherapists can view all current events with the click of a mouse at the central station terminal. The central configuration also enables individual workload adjustments within the software for specific patients, whilst enabling the recording of a single channel ECG which is stored to the central terminal for post exercise review.

Recent studies have demonstrated the benefits of group exercise programs within the arena of prehabilitation, showing that subjects have shown a greater desire to maintain the exercise regime if they are able to work with others in the same situation.

Controlling multiple devices, from cycles and hand ergometers to treadmills, allows for a wide range of exercises to be performed, controlled and monitored from a single central terminal. The further addition of the Telemetry ECG system enables continuous monitoring of single channel ECG for the duration of the subjects visit. For further information download the brochure.