Ergostik CPET system

Love MedicalThe Ergostik™ metabolic unit represents the next generation of cardiopulmonary diagnostic exercise equipment.

The powerful Blue Cherry® software platform coupled with the highest quality hardware provides market leading performance allowing users to run accurate complete exercise tests quickly and easily.  The new Ergoflow flow sensor draws on an incredible variable orifice design which prevents the increase in flow resistance at increase flow rates found with most flow sensors.  The water vapour insensitive Ergoflow is considerably lighter and has a lower deadspace than competitors offerings, ensuring precise and reliable testing.

Online  interpretation according to the accepted guidelines and predicted sets by Professor Wasserman allows the clincian to evaluate the test data via his published  flow charts for accurate interpretation.  Blue Cherry offers multiple user definable graphical and tabular screen playouts whilst automatic Anaerobic Threshold (AT) determination with review means that you can be confident with you results.

Ergostik™ includes Spirometry and dynamic exercise flow volume loops as standard, ensuring that users have all of the necessary tools at hand to provide comprehensive cardiopulmonary assessment.

The comprehensive database options provide complete networking flexibility.  Multiple devices can be networked together, sharing the same database across the hospital or university network, even from different sites or from a group of practices.  Review stations allow remote access of patient data for review and interpretation.



  • Breath-by-breath gas exchange analysis
  • Flowsensor with new variable orifice design offering extreme low dead space
  • Full integration into diagnostic software platform Blue Cherry
  • Automatic detection of anaerobic threshold (AT) and respiratory compensation point (RCP)
  • Smart Report Technology providing flexible, user defined Reports
  • Wasserman Interpretation chart
  • Automatic BTPS adjustment
  • Full Spirometry (FVC, SVC, MVV, Pre/Post and bronchial challenge test)
  • Integrated Pulsoximetry (optional)
  • Training Planner (optional)
  • Integrated 12 Lead Rest- and Stress-ECG
  • Integrated Polar Heart Rate receiver (optional)
  • Indirect Calorimetry (optional)
  • Resting Energy Expenditure REE (optional)