Lovemedical is proud to be the official UK partner of Ergoline, one of the worlds leading manufacurers of Medical Ergometers.

As well as supplying the complete Ergoline range of Cycle Ergometers, including the Hand Crank Ergometer and the amazing Recumbent Ergometer, Lovemedical are the sole partner for the new Optibike range. The Optibike is the latest Ergometer from Ergoline and offers the user a wealth of fantastic features.

The Optibike is the ideal training ergometer for home and for therapeutic use. Offering different forms of training (heart rate-controlled, constant load, interval training) and can be programmed easily either directly from the console or via a pre-programmed training card. The accompanying digital chest strap ensures accurate recording of the heart rate. Conducted training sessions can be saved back to a chip card and evaluated on the PC using the powerful Opticare software.