V2 Exercise Mask

The new V2 silicone mask is the latest generation of oro-nasal full face masks designed for comfortable and accurate exercise testing.  Cold Chemical, Steam Autoclave, Pasteurization, and Dishwasher safe.

Multi-Patient, Multi-Use reusable.



  • New Tri-Glide Headgear fixing points
  • New interior sealing flanges for added comfort and leak prevention
  • New structural system
  • 5 sizes available


Tri-Glide Headgear

New FIVE Strap adjustable headgear design.  The headgear is made of nylon covered, polyurethane foam straps with quick-release clips that slide easily into the mask frame.  Designed to be more comfortable than ever and more adjustable.  The new Tri-Glide connection allows the headgear to be quickly and easily adjusted for a closer fit.


  • Five strap adjustment
  • Tri-Glide connection