Altitude testing of the Ergostik CPET system

Altitude testing the CPET systemWednesday 13th of February saw us helping the Extreme Everest team with some last minute checks before departing for basecamp with the CPET system.

While the team were confident with the performance of the Ergostik CPET system (Cardiopulmonary Exercise system), it never hurts to check everything, the device performed without a single glitch in these last minute tests, calibrating perfectly at 1000m intervals during both the ascent and descent stages, all the way to the Everest Base camp height of 5500m (18,000 ft).

The Ergostik CPET system not only coped well with the changing pressures and temperatures for calibration but also proved it was quite happy to test in this hostile environment. also being equiped to look at high levels of O2 to deal with the ventilation studies it will be used for up the mountain.

A huge thanks to all the team at Elson Space Technologies visit their site over at

Thanks also to Dr Tom Smedley and Dr Sandy Jack from the Extreme Everest team letting us join them in the hypobaric chamber. Follow the team on the Extreme Everest 2 mission by visiting their website

The Hypobaric chamber for testing the CPET systemCalibrating CPET system Flow at 5500m








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