Lovemedical was formed to better focus on the needs and requirements of our customers who are dedicated to providing quality care to their patients or clients.

Lovemedical are more than just a provider of equipment but instead a partner in the provision of care, ensuring that not only the best equipment is offered but the best training and support.

Lovemedical Products

  • Respiratory Diagnostics
    Integrated systems for the measurement of Spirometry, Diffusion and Lung Volumes.
  • Exercise
    Integrated systems for the measurement of Cardiopulmonary Exercise.
  • Cardiology
    Resting and Stress ECG systems and Automatic Defibrillators
  • Ergometers
    Electronic Cycle, Hand Crank and Treadmill Ergometers
  • Consumables
    A full range of consumables including filters, flow sensors and electrodes.
  • Accessories
    A full range of accessories including masks and suction electrode kits.

The Body BoxCardiopulmonary diagnostics for the UK, working closely with our manufacturing partners, we strive to ensure the systems we provide meet the exacting requirements of our clients.

Lovemedical encompasses decades of cardiopulmonary diagnostics knowledge in both testing and the sales and support of diagnostics equipment. Our support is provided by a dedicated focused team of professionals who base their reputations on the products and solutions they offer.To this end we rigerously assess new product offerings before bringing them to the attention of our customers.

There are many cardiopulmonary diagnostics products and manufacturers who may not meet the exacting standards set down by Lovemedical. We will not supply a product we are not happy with first. This means we do the hard work of finding the right product so you can continue to trust products and support we provide.

We not only supply cardiopulmonary diagnostics systems we are your first point of call for support, whether that be in the equipment or in the application, we are always happy to help, we pride ourselves in our relationships with our clients, it is no longer enough to supply a piece of equipment, we must ensure that we maintain every clients trust and belief and to this end we always ensure we go that extra mile, making introductions to key people to support your work, looking to find support for your research or just a second opinion, it is always a better relationship with Love Medical Ltd.